10 Affordable Push Lawn Mowers 2020 – Lightweight yet perfect for Smaller lawn areas!

10 Affordable Push Lawn Mowers 2020 - Lightweight yet perfect for Smaller lawn areas!

Best Push Mower

As it can be understandable by the name itself, a lawn mower is basically an appliance, which helps to mow or clean up the lawns by  gradually cutting all the excess grass to a specific height. Lawn mowers are actually helps to keep the front yard from becoming like a small jungle and make it neat and clean all the way. In today’s time, investing on your own lawn mower in becoming like a necessity rather than a luxury. Though there are several commercial mowing companies are available in the market, but mowing your own garden brings peace and satisfaction to the individuals minds, economically feasible and also mowing a decent size yard can be a good means of physical exercises as well. There are several different types of mowers are available in various types like self-propelled lawn mowers, gas powered lawn mower, battery powered lawn mower, robotic lawn mower, push lawn mower etc.

Top 10 Push Lawn Mowers Reviews

In terms of number, the different variety of push lawn mowers are available in the market, is literally uncountable. Though a very old-school and traditional, but due to its environment friendly properties, more and more people are concentrating on this particular way of lawn mowing these days. There are at least hundreds of different manufacturers are known for manufacturing push lawn mowers. Hereby in this article, we have curated some of the best quality push lawn mowers of today’s time and listed below along with detailed push mower review-

American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14 14-Inch 4-Blade Lawn Mower

American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14 14-Inch 4 Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower image

American Lawn Mower Company 50514 14-Inch 11-Amp Electric Lawn Mower

American Lawn Mower Company 50514 14-Inch 11 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower image

Greenworks Lawn Mower: Best Push Mower in Budget

GreenWorks 25022 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Electric 20-inch Lawn Mower image

The very first one in the above-mentioned list of best push lawn mowers, is from one of the oldest companies of manufacturing lawn mower, the American lawn mower company. The 1204-14 push reel lawn mower is basically a manual lawn mower, which can handle any small to medium mowing jobs, with any electrical power or battery or even gasoline. It is a 100% man handled push lawn mower which is also equipped with a 14” wide cutting deck, which is manufactured with industrial-grade, high-quality and durable material, which actually makes it perfect for handling any type of  grass turf efficiently and without any hassle. The in-built 4 spider reel blade assemble and the 8.5” high-impact composite wheels, makes the mowing job easier than ever and it also can cut grasses in an adjustable cutting height of 0.5” to 1.75” every time to get a precise and professional looking yard. 

  • Manual Push Lawn Mower Without Usage Of Electric Or Battery Or Gasoline

  • Standard Cutting System With Adjustable Height Of 0.5” To 1.75”

  • 4 Spider Reel Heat-treated Alloy Steel Blade Suitable For Almost All Types Of Grass

  • Comes With 90 Days Manufacturer’s Warranty

  • Ergonomically Designed T-handle

Applicable for almost all types of grasses like fescue, rye, mixed weed or even crabgrass, this particular push lawn mower is literally a life saver with its small and compact and user-friendly operations. Able to do any yard mowing job as effective and fast as a regular gas powered mower does, these ones are free of any emissions, hence environment friendly and  way cheaper in terms of price as well. These Push Reel Mowers requires almost no maintenance, the only thing the user need to do is to sharpen the blades once a year to keep the machine smooth.  





The next Best one in our above-mentioned list of best push lawn mowers, is again from the house of most popular lawn mower manufacturer of the world, the American lawn mowing company, thus making it two from the same company in the list. The 50514 corded electric lawn mower has been considered as one of the best selling lawn mower models of all times in several leading e-commerce websites as well. With its powerful built and high functionality, this machine is highly efficient in what it does, than many other best-quality generic lawn mowers from the same genre. Equipped with 11 Amp powerful motor, the machine is fast and efficient in cutting almost every types of grass exists. The motor also helps to reduce the effort from the users end as well, thus making this whole mowing process an enjoyable one. 

  • Electrically Powered Corded Lawn Mower

  • 11 Amp Motor For A Highly Efficient Mowing Job

  • Ergonomically Designed Height Adjustable Handle

  • 14” Wide Cutting Deck With 5 Different Grass Height Adjustment Setting

  • Grass Cutting Ranges From 1” To 2.5”

  • 2-in-1 Grass Disposal Cum Mulching System With Grass Level Indicator

Also comprised of a 14” cutting deck, which has 5 different grass cutting height adjustment settings, ranges from 1” to 2.5” respectively, to achieve a precise mowing each and every time. The 2 in 1 discharge and mulching system on the back of the machine is also comprises of a 16 gallon grass disposal bin, to hassle free storage and disposal of the clippings. The grass level indicator also enables the user to know when to dispose the bag as well. Comes with several height adjustments, the ergonomically designed handle is seems to be comfortable for every users.   





The Greenworks lawn mower has an inbuilt powerful 12 amp motor and is engineered to shred grass easily within a short amount of time. The model comes with a long-lasting 20-inch steel deck and assists the individual with minimal efforts in mowing the lawn.

It features front wheel drive of 7 inches and rear wheels of 10 inches making it highly efficient when moving through thick, heavy grass which can be time-consuming for other comparable lawn mower models. Also, with its 3-In-1 functionality, users can select side discharging, mulching, and adding clippings immediately to the rear bag.

  • Durable 20-Inch Steel Deck

  • Foldable Handles For Compact Storage

  • 7-position height adjustment

For convenience purposes, the model comes with extendable and foldable handles to allow compact storage in tight spaces if there seems to not much space at home to rest the machine. Finally, another great feature includes a single lever height adjustment wherein you can change the height level to 7 different positions thus making it reliable during long-term use. 





For a small sized yard in the back side of the house, there is no point in investing on a big power mower, as small yards can easily be trimmed with 100% manual push mowers as well. The next-inclusion in our above mentioned list is meant to do the same. Suitable for almost each and every type of lawn mowing jobs, the Great States 204-14 manual push lawn mower is comprises of a 14 inch cutting deck which is highly efficient with 4 ball bearing wheels, which can handle ant turf of grasses without any hassle. Due to its small and compact design makes it easier to carry to the yard and also storing of this particular lawn mower is become way easier. 

  • Environment Friendly Manual Push Lawn Mower

  • Adjustable Cutting Height Of 0.5” To 1.75” With Standard Cutting System

  • 4 Ball Bearing Blades Manufactured With Heat-treated Alloy Steel

  • Comes With 90 Days Manufacturer’s Warranty

  • Ergonomically Designed T-handle For Easy Manoeuvering

The 14” cutting blade also helps in a easy manoeuvring in small areas like around the tool shades or in-between the trees and garden beds. The classic ball-bearing assembly in the blades, helps in faster spinning of the blades, resulting in a lesser effort from the users end. The 8.5” composite wheels are meant for providing maximum stability to the machine while running on uneven terrains. As this Hand Push Lawn Mower does not require any electric power or gasoline to operate this particular push lawn mowers require minimal maintenance to keep it functioning for years. As only comprises of a single grass cutting blade, a frequent sharpening of blades what it takes to maintain its optimal functionality.





There is an old saying that a well groomed yard is the symbol of the personality the owners have. A well groomed land in front of the house is not only looks good but it also keep the house and it surroundings safe from any kind of insects attacks. The next best push lawn mower, is one of the one which keeps your lawns well-maintained precisely and effectively. Unlike the other two models mentioned above in this article, this particular push lawn mower is battery operated and can be perfect choice for any small to medium sized lawns. Equipped with a standard 14” cutting reel, the blades are manufactured with industrial-grade, powerful steel blades, which is capable of precise cutting of 14” wide grass patch, just on a single pass of the mower. 

  • Battery Operated, Cordless Push Lawn Mower

  • Cutting Height Can Be Adjusted Up To 3 Different Grass Cutting Height

  • Rust Proof Steel Can Also Mow Mildly Wet Lawns

  • Also Comes With 10.6 Gallon Detachable Grass Catcher For Collecting Grass

  • The Pro-model Is Also Included With Rear Discharge Chute As Well

  • Ergonomically Designed Handle With 3 Position Height Adjustment For Easy Manoeuvering

One of the major feature of this particular push lawn mower, which is not present in the other two models mentioned above, is the ergonomically designed handle, which can be adjusted to 3 different positions according to the convenience of the user only. This feature enables the users to enjoy the mowing process without any physical staining whatsoever. Also comprises of 28 volt 4AH rechargeable batteries, this push lawn mower can mow up to 1000sq ft of lawn or for 25 minutes straight-away, whichever completes first. The cordless design also helps in easy manoeuvring of the machine for a precise and effortless mowing jobs.





This power smart DB2321C lawn mower is equipped with a powerful 161 cc engine, which helps the user to get an even and professionally mowed land each and every time. The powerful motor in such a compact size of mower, is meant to make the equipment fast and efficient mowing with minimal intervention of the user. The motor also reduces the human effort required to mow a medium or large size lawn, thus making the entire mowing process a relaxing and enjoyable job altogether. It also comprises of a 21” cutting deck which is not only the highest among the other mentioned lawn mowers in the list but also is capable of cutting 21” patch on a single pass. The pull start feature also makes it easy to operate the machine as well. 

  • 161 Cc Powerful Engine

  • 21” Grass Cutting Deck

  • Pull Start Technology

  • 2-in-1 Side Mulching Cum Clippings Disposal System

  • Ergonomically Designed, Height Adjustable Handle

Along with all the above-mentioned features, another interesting one in case of this best Push Lawn Mower is the 2 in 1 side mulching and discharge feature, which dispose all the grass clippings sideways which mowing the lawn, thus returning all the important nutrients to the land again for healthy grow next time. Along with all the technicalities, the lightweight and compact design and the 8” rear wheels helps in easy manoeuvring of the lawn. The height adjustable, ergonomically designed handle also helps in much easier and comfortable mowing experience altogether.





The Black + Decker electric push mower features a reliable, clean electric powered unit with quick starting each and every time. It even supports a sturdy 13 Ah motor for side discharging, mulching and bagging. The EdgeMax deck design is being engineered to cut up the perfect fencing edge and even flower beds which deliver a manicured and a clean lawn instantly. 

  • Convenient carrying handle

  • 13 Ah Motor for ample power in any overgrowth

  • EdgeMax deck design for close up to the edge cutting

  • EdgeMax Technology

This mower brings you a 20-inch broad cutting patch, along with a 7-setting height adjustment single lever which allows users to select a cut height between a range of 1-1/2 inch to 4 inches. It is designed with handles which are extremely convenient when it comes to effortless storage and transport. The 13-gallon grass collection provides an indication when it comes to monitoring fill levels.





The last but definitely not the least inclusion in the above-mentioned list of best push lawn mowers, is basically a completely different model from what we have discussed until now. The Lawn boy 17734 lawn mower is basically an electrically powered self-propelled one with torque Kohler electric start feature. The main difference between a push lawn mower and a self-propelled lawn mower, is that the latter does not require any manual intervention while mowing like traditional push mowers. The user only needs to start the machine and it will run and mow simultaneously. This is undoubtedly a powerful lawn mower, with state-of-the-art 149cc Kohler XTX OHV engine is meant for a user centric functioning altogether. 

  • Electrically Powered Self Propelled Lawn Mower

  • Powerful 149cc Kohler Xtx Ohv Engine

  • 21” Dome Shaped Cutting Deck With 2 Different Cutting Height Adjusted System

  • 3-in-1 Mulching Or Bagging Or Side-disposal Feature

  • Heavy Duty Lawn Mower Suitable For Larger Yards

Unlike the other push lawn mower, this particular one consists of a 21” dome shaped cutting desk, which is the perfect tool for providing a professional cutting experience each and every time. Equipped with a 3-in-1 mulching, bagging or side disposal system, the disposal bag is comparatively larger in size and helps in easy maintenance of the clippings as well. The in-built 2 cutting height adjustment setting also enables the user to choose the desired grass height while mowing. Unlike other push lawn mowers, this electric power self-propelled lawn mower required frequent servicing to keep itself healthy and functioning for a longer period of time. 





This self-propelled mower seems to handle yard care with superb performance and quality. The Husqvarna mower includes an all-wheel-drive system which ensures phenomenal power and balance during hilly areas and even works well through the hardest mowing situations. 

It features a 22-inch steel deck which is heavy in terms of weight, along with a well-built 190cc Honda engine. The model comes with multiple drive speed settings which enable you to get comfortable with your space and adjust it accordingly depending on your lawn conditions. Moreover, the wheels are engineered to be of super quality with rough tread (including high rear wheels), which give you eminent traction without ripping out the turf. In addition, the wheels enable easy manoeuvrability over any type of terrain.

  • Honda GCV-Engine

  • Durable

  • Reliable

The mower even comes with an equipped instant pin with a four-point adjustment in order to carry out high-level cutting and a water hose link for effortless deck cleaning. Your job will get over instantly with this workhorse-like model.





The EGO self-propelled mower is a bewildering unit which offers features that suit all mower needs. In fact, it brings you a torque of gas without unnecessary fumes, noise, and mess. The EGO 56-volt lithium-ion mower ensures to provide rapid charging, lifelong power, and durability in all sorts of weather conditions. 

Using up to an hour of cut time, this mower handles the hardest applications of mowing. The model has integrated an Ego power +56-volt battery which is produced using the Arc-Lithium technology (which is industry-leading) in order to deliver ultimate power and is even compatible with all products from the Ego Power brand.

  • Easy push button start

  • No Noise

  • Easy Operation

  • Weather Resistant

  • LED Headlights

In regards to the specs, the model is being constructed using weather-resistant material, therefore, it protects it from any sort of wear and tear damage in the near future. Also, it has a 3-in-1 functionality wherein it offers options such as mulching, side discharge, and bagging so that the entire mowing process is done smoothly and effectively. 

What’s great about this model is its flexibility where users can effortlessly fold the machine for compact storage and use it whenever needed. Other features include an easy to start push button, direct access to the 2-bushel collection bag, a single lever which comes in 6 level deck so that you can adjust the height if needed and LED headlights for easy viewing of grass being cut. 





Looking for a push mower sale can be a confusing task, however, before you pick out the perfect push mower that’ll meet all your peculiar needs, then you may need to consider things such as your yard size, whether this yard is either flat or hilly, the number of trees or any other obstacles found when mowing around, and even the needs of the individual who is performing the mowing process. 

Usually, you will find a wide range of lawn mowers available in the market which can help you achieve wide-line requirements of lawn mowing. A push mower which may be suitable for your neighbour may not be the perfect one for you.

In order to find the identify a push mower which can adhere to all your needs, we have assembled the following tips as well a review guide on the top 10 best push mowers,  so that you can analyze for yourself on which type of push mower suits you.

A push lawn mower can be both Electric powered or Gas Push Mower, but it needs manual intervention or a push while mowing the lawn. Unlike self-propelled lawn mower, the user need to push the mower along the yard while mowing, from that the name “push mower” has been derived. Equipped with some pair of powerful spinning blades, the blades imitates the movement of a helicopter blades and chops off the top of the grass resulting in a tidy and shredded yard. Unlike other generic lawn mowers, the push mowers basically cuts grass like with a scissor instead of chopping and tearing of the ground, hence resulting in a more symmetrical yard surface.

Though a bit conventional and rather old-school method, the push lawn mower has its own advantages as well. Some of advantages are as follows-

  • One of the biggest advantages of a push lawn mower is that it keeps the grass healthy. Unlike generic power mowers, push mowers cut grasses by just shredding the top like a scissor, hence keep the lawn symmetrical and less vulnerable to insect attacks.
  • Most of the power mowers acts by chopping and tearing grasses from the root while mowing, resulting in grass free patches all over the lawns. But as push mowers act exactly like scissor, it only clips the top of the grasses, leading to a more professionally manicured even-looking lawn. This is the main reason behind using push mowers in the maintenance of sports grounds and stadiums and other commercial grounds.
  • Another important feature of this push lawn mower which is worth drooling for is its ability to make no noise at all while functioning. One of the most infuriating feature of any power mower is the obnoxious sound it makes while mowing. In case of a push lawn mower, the only sound you will hear of the light “snip-snip’, which also helps the user to use it whenever time of the day, without disturbing the whole neighbourhood.
  • Unlike typical gas-powered mowers, push mowers are tend to produce way lesser pollution, thus making the whole clipping job environmental friendly as well.
  • Using a push lawn mower is like is easy Sunday morning. With the most user-friendly and hassle free programming it is just like a “push and go” situation altogether.
  • Unlike any other power mowers. Any great quality; top-of-the-line push mower is way more cheaper. Plus it doesn’t require any substantial maintenance cost as well, which is definite is an added benefit.
  • As a “push” is needed to drive these relatively heavy lawn mowers, it also added up to the daily exercise quotient as well. 

Starting the lawn mower is not a rocket science at all, rather it has the most user-friendly functions than any other generic type of lawn mowers available in the market. There are few points mentioned below- by which any body can start and operate a push lawn mower. 

  • Place the lawn mower to the starting area, from where you are planning to start your mowing job.
  • Make sure that your mower is fully charged. If it is run by gas or fuel then the amount should e sufficient to mow an entire lawn. The idea is also the same if your mower is battery powered as well.
  • Check the spark plug on the back of your mower to check whether it is firmly attached to the machine or not. 
  • Then prime to carburettor to flush out oil or gas to the engine, only if you are using a gas or oil powered lawn mower.
  • Open the throttle level on the handle of the mower and keep it in a mid to high position. The throttle lever basically helps the engine to keep on to carry on a continuous mowing process.
  • Lastly, pull the started cord for start the mowing process.

Before investing a great quality push lawn mower the user need to keep in mind some of the important considerations,  as there are at least hundreds of different types of mowers are available in the market at present time. And finding the best Push Mower can be a little intimidating as well. So, to help you in this un situation, we have been listed some of points which might be helpful while choosing the perfect push mower.

  • The size of the mower will always have to be proportional to the size of the yard you are planning to mow. But in case of a regular best quality push mower, the size of the lawn is restricted to only half an acre as it is a bit difficult job to manually mow a big piece of yard. The width of the mower blades always determine the spread of the yard, which will be mowed at a time.
  • It is always a wise decision to check the particular lawn mower in person, before going for it. A first-hand experience always help the user to check ergonomic capacity of the handle and the comfortability of the mower while on functioning.
  • In terms of power output, the voltage and amps in case of both cordless and corded mower respectively has to be keep in mind. The more voltage or amps in a push mower, the machine is happens to be more powerful and precise in what it does.
  • Undoubtedly push mowers are the most budget-friendly options in the market, but still it is always advisable to set a specific budget before investing on a particular machine.

There are a large number of companies are manufacturing different types of lawn mowers these days, but still there are very few which make their mark since ages with one of the top-most quality products of all time. The name of these famous companies actually taken as a synonym to land mowers as well. Some of the best companies for manufacturing push lawn mowers are as follows-

One of the oldest mower manufacturing companies of the world, the American lawn mower company is established at 1890 in The United States of America and has over 120 years of experience in mower manufacturing. From early Victorian era, the American lawn mower company has witnesses almost all the industrial revolutions in the United States including World War II and second suburban boom of 1970’s, the company also modifies them selves accordingly. Maintaining the quality of the products as good as the first time, this American Mowing company is considered as the father of all mowers around the world.

Though a way newer inclusion in the market of Lawn mowers manufacturers, the Sun joe also claims it spot in the top 5 list of best lawn mower manufacturing companies in a very short time. Founded in 2014, the company is specialized in developing tools like motorised ice shovel, lawn mowers air compressors etc, which will come handy in everyday life from summer to winter. Whereas, the Sun joe is meant for manufacturing summer related equipment’s, the snow joe brand is meant for producing equipment which will be useful during winters.

Founded in 2007 as a sister company of famous lithium-ion power technology company Global Tools group, green works is known for manufacturing corded power tools only meant for residential purpose. One of the primary and remarkable objective of this particular company is that they produce power equipment which produce less noise, lesser fumes, hence all of those have to be environment friendly. Within a very few tears Greenworks marks it’s place in the global mower manufacturing market with some great quality products in very affordable price range.  

  • Self-propelled mowers work well for yards which extend up to a ¾ acre. The mower is designed to push itself in order to avoid or decrease fatigue levels which can be caused by the physical exertion from moving a push mower. As a matter of fact, you can just walk behind the mower in order to control and manage its path. Self-propelled mowers provide both front and rear wheel drive which can be ideal for your yard. You can check below to undermine which seems the perfect one for you:
  •   Front-drive push mowers are known to be effortless when it comes to operating and turning the machines. Due to rotating front wheels, you can easily make 180-degree movements. Front wheel units are suitable for yards which are smaller yet have several obstacles.
  •   Rear-wheel drive mowers are known to have a much better steering control and better traction on hills; however, this type may seem a bit harder when it comes to making sharp turns. Unlike, front wheel mowers, these units are great for open yards along with steep hills.
  •   Push lawn mowers are suitable for flat areas under ¼ acres. They are designed with slicing deck ranges from 20-22 inches, which is an amazing size to efficiently and instantly turn your lawn into looking something more beautiful. If you happen to have a good physical physique and condition, then this is ideal since you save costs buying a brand new lawn mower.

However, if your lawn appears to be bigger than ¾ acres, then you should consider a riding lawn mower.

Grass clipping options

Always consider either: 2-n-1 or 3-n-1 models. 

Mulch – This option cuts through grass multiple times into small pieces wherein it acts as an organic fertilizer for your yard. 

Side discharge – Grass clippings are being discharged and scattered on the top of the yard. 

Bag – This helps in collecting grass clippings for either pickup or compost.

Variable speed VS Fixed speed 

With variable speed, you can select your own walking speed up to a maximum of 4 mph. The handle design is being created to offer convenience and even allows several speed changes when mowing and trimming on areas which are tough to move on.

The fixed speed option enables a firm walking speed as you start to mow. A walking speed of 2.3 mph is ideal for mowing on flat areas at frequent or regular time periods.

Front Wheel Drive (FWD) vs. Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)

Having a front wheel machine drive helps to move it forward.

With rear-wheel drive, the unit is propelled therefore as the clippings start to fill the bag, there is more traction being delivered to the rear wheel which brings you easy manoeuvrability on hilly areas.

High rear wheel

Rear wheels which have a large diameter tend to offer better mowing on rugged lawns. The large wheel will smoothen out the bumps and later provides much better traction.

Height-of-cut adjustment

Push mowers these days have an amazing capability, wherein, instead of adjusting the units manually and individually for each wheel, a single lever can adjust all the wheelsets to the same height. You can even select between 9 positions starting from 1.25″ to 4″.

Key start

Starting the machine is really easy these days wherein you do not need to take much effort and physical stress before you start to mow.  


How to straighten front Lawn Mower wheels on Push Lawn Mowers?

 Follow the steps to straighten front Lawn Mower wheels on Push Lawn Mowers,

    1. Try to dig in the craw bar from behind the wheel on both sides
    2. While bending the wheel, hit the axle as straight as possible.
    3. Upon bending wheels back into position, it might be loose, because the clips on the side of the mower that holds the axle in place will be out of position.
    4. So, take a metal rod and bend it in shape.
Where to buy Push Lawn Mowers?

 You could buy a Push Lawn Mower from Amazon.

How much do Push Lawn Mowers cost?

Pushed Lawn Mower could averagely cost around $421 twice of an electric push power.

What is the best Push Lawn Mower?

The Green Works 25022 is the appropriate Push Lawn Mower to buy, and it's the best beating all the other mowers in terms of price, which is quite reasonable, and its services are limitless and efficient. Besides, it is light and has options in terms of mulching, bagging, and discharging clips.

How do I clean a Push Lawn Mowers carburetor?

Here are the steps to clean a Push Lawn Mowers carburetor,

Step 1: Safety should always be primary safety concerns before heading out for repair work.  

Step 2: Never jump into conclusions of replacing the carburetor. Always check the carburetor and grind for more possibilities. 

Step 3: Outer casing and the airlift needs to be removed by unscrewing a few screws and removing the outer panel to divulge the lawn mower's innards.

Step 4: Carburetor to be unbolted and removed from the fuel line. 

How long do Push Lawn Mowers last?

At an average, the Push Lawn Mower would last about 10 years.

So there you have it. Selecting the Best Push Mower can be overwhelming, but by keeping your goals in mind and the purpose of obtaining a push mower in the first place; it can help you zero in your options and choose an ideal model which can suit all your needs. Hope our Push Mower Reviews helped to choose the perfect one for your lawn.

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