Black Decker MTC220 20V Max Lithium Lawn Mower – Switches between Mower or Edger or Trimmer easily!


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BLACK+DECKER MTC220 Cordless Lawn Mower

The Black Decker MTC220 cordless lawn mower merges up-to-date technology with the most trusted Black and Decker name. In a way to create a device that is simple to use, easy to store, and can pick-up some mowing tasks without the heavy and weight releases of a gas mower. Black and Decker portable lawn mower offers 3 types of landscaping functionality packed in a solo, compact device. This flexible all-in-one mower, edger, and trimmer just seep practicality and versatility out of its smooth and well-organized design. Once go through the Black Decker Mtc220 Review, to know about its performance and all. 

Black Decker MTC220 Review 2020

This Black and Decker 3 in 1 Mower Cordless is an ideal string trimmer, edger, and mower for a home with small 1200 square feet, hard-to-reach areas, or yards with tiny inclines. It is also a perfect solution for homes with partial storage space. Black + Decker MTC220 3 in 1 mower is included with two max lithium-ions of 20 volts rechargeable batteries that proffers longer lifespan and hold-on it’s charging 5 times more than normal batteries. Easy to maneuver and use, the battery-powered three-in-one avoids the necessity for oil or gas to be stored. Black + Decker 12 inch trimmer/edger consists of a gear-driven transmission to sustain a stable speed.  


This Black & Decker Lawn Mower is not only used as a mower, but it can also be converted into a trimmer and edger. With this elegant design, you can have the benefits of decreased storage space when the BLACK+DECKER MTC220 Cordless Lawn Mower is not in use. The advanced precision of trimming and edging the lawn along with mowing can take the fineness of the lawn to the further level. With this 3-in-1 design, users can get far more clear-cut results compared to other traditional mowers.

This is the most noteworthy feature of this Black+Decker Mtc220 3 In 1 Mower, and it is known as Automatic Feed Spool (AFS). This system makes the machine to have a continuous cycle and work so that you can persist edging the lawn without the requirement for stable bumping. This feature is very helpful to the lawn owners as they can take pleasure in non-stop trimming.

Purchasing a battery controlled system means you don’t need to worry about oil, gas, or tune-ups. The MTC220 machine uses a lithium-ion battery system of max 20V to operate. This product is shipped with two batteries for long run time. The lithium-ion batteries energy density is more compared to NiCd and preserves it’s charging 5 times more than normal batteries. Battery used in this machine is a part of the Black and Decker 20 volts max system, so owners can enjoy the profit of using this max 20V lithium battery for different tools that are compatible with Black and Decker tools.

Black Decker 12 inch trimmer/edger has a PowerDrive transmission with which the mower even controls through plenty of heavier weeds and grass without becoming overwhelmed or slowing down. It is particularly useful for the lawn that has not been frequently and regularly mowed for a while. PowerDrive Transmission averts bogging down. You can even edge the lawn with this machine. Just swivel the pole to 90 degrees and lock the device to this position.

As says Black Decker Mtc220 Review, it comes with changeable height deck helps the user to set this device according to their individual needs without crouching or stretching for certain tasks. Neck and handle of this Black And Decker 3 In 1 Mower Cordless are also alterable to give you an easy and flexible experience. After mowing, you can alter to get a pleasant edge on the lawn.

Cleaning and maintaining the deck is not a big difficult task with the separable system. The release of the foot pedal allows for speed inclusion and exclusion of the trimmer/edger as you shift from mowing to edging or trimming. This machine is relatively simple, light, and easy to maneuver. Wall hanger choice provides an efficient way of utilizing storage space.

Black+Decker Mtc220 3 In 1 Mower Specs

Specification Name Value
Company name
Black & Decker
Product name
Lawn Mower
Item weight
9.9 pounds
Product dimensions
15.2 * 40.5* 7.4 inches
Part number
Cutting heights
1.6 – 2.4 inches
Batteries required
Batteries type
20V Lithium-ion
Coverage area
1200 sqft.
Special feature
Automatic feed spool (AFS)
2 years
Shipping weight
15.61 pounds
Release date
December 20, 2013





How to clean Black Decker MTC220 20v lithium ion 3-in-1 trimmer/edger and mower, 12" cleaning?

After you attach the axillary handle to the Black Decker MTC220 20v lithium ion 3-in-1 trimmer/edger and mower, you need to then. 

  • Push on both sides of the upper house housing and push the handle on.
  • You can press the orange button to move the handle up or down or to adjust the section accordingly.
  • You can easily move whenever you want with the mower and adjust them accordingly.
  • If you keep the mower clean, you must first remove all the parts slowly or first remove the battery and then wash your mower easily.
How long does Black and Decker MTC220 Lawn Mower take to charge the batteries?

To get the Black and Decker MTC220 Lawn Mower to about 75% capacity from 0% it takes 3 hours.

Does Black and Decker MTC220 Lawn Mower come with a battery charger?

Yes, usually a Black and Decker MTC220 Lawn Mower, come with their battery charger.

Does the cordless Black and Decker MTC220 Lawn Mower have the option to be used with the cord as well?

The cordless Black and Decker MTC220 Lawn Mower also has the option to come with a cord.

Does the Black and Decker MTC220 Lawn Mower cordless version come with the charger?

Yes, you can. Also, find the charger with the cordless Black and Decker MTC220 Lawn Mower.

How long does the battery last for Black + Decker MTC220 Lawn Mower?

If your lawn is up to 20' to 25' of lawn, then the battery of Black and Decker MTC220 Lawn Mower may last up to 1hour easily.

How broad are the wheels on this BLACK+DECKER MTC220 Cordless Lawn Mower?

The wheels of Black Decker MTC220 are about 2 inches wide.

Bottom Line

Black and Decker MTC220 Lawn Mower gives a unique benefit that includes  3-in-1 design is comfortable and extremely simple. Addition of these tools not only raises the whole potential for quality lawn care and highly accurate cutting but also helps the owners to avoid purchasing three different tools to properly manage the lawn.  It saves money, time, and storage in a long duration, and managing your lawn tools becomes a much easier and simple endeavor. It is provided with two lithium-ion batteries of max 20V. One major benefit of this Best Black And Decer Compact Lawn Mower is that these batteries are part of the max 20V battery system and can be exchangeable with other suitable Black & Decker tools. Since it is powered with batteries, it does not require any gas or oil. Overall, this Black+Decker Mtc220 3 In 1 Mower is a compact, easy-to-use, versatile, added with many useful features to increase the comfort level, effective, packed with enough stuff to get the thick grass, and extremely convenient, and is particularly recommended for the lawn owners with a maximum of 1200 sq ft.

Black & Decker MTC220 cordless lawn mower, 3-in-1 designs mower and trimmer/edger- 20V maximum lithium-ion batteries- PowerDrive transmission- automatic feed spool (AFS)- versatility- easy and simple to use- saves time and money- batteries are compatible with other Black & Decker tools- works without gas or oil- extremely convenient- 2 years warranty.

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