Craftsman 140cc Lawn Mower, M105 – In one quick pass you can trim the grass away!


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Craftsman M105 3-in-1 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower

Everyone wants a clean and green lawn, no matter if it’s just to show off to the neighbors. Not everyone can hire professional help to do this, which is why we have lawn mowers to do the job. No matter how big or small your lawn is, you can always find a lawnmower to fit its size and type. You have so many options to consider today, given you know what you want exactly. So many people prefer an electric lawn mower for small lawns while there are riding lawn mowers for much bigger lawns. There is a solution for every type of lawn possible. As for medium-sized lawns and if you can do the work, push gas-powered lawn mowers are considered as one of the best ones to use. Here is the Craftsman M105 Gas Push Mower Review, with detailed features and specs.

Craftsman M105 Gas Push Mower Review 2020

You will get some good exercise done on yourself and your lawn with the help of a push lawnmower. Any yard that measures less than an acre will easily do well with the best push lawn mower. You will have the control in your own hands, which is the best part of having a push gas-powered lawn mower. The other benefit is that they are cheaper than most other lawnmowers, so you won’t be spending much and still getting the work done precisely. Again, choosing a lawn mower can be a task, but you can always do your research. According to us, one great lawnmower to consider is the Craftsman M105 gas push lawn mower.


Craftsman 21-Inch Lawn Mower is equipped with a cutting deck that cuts the grass in one pass. The 21-inch cutting deck is highly efficient because unlike other lawnmowers, here you don’t have to go through one spot, again and again, to cut off the grass. In one swipe, the grass will be cut at the height you want to. With this very efficient feature, the cutting deck has the other three in one feature as well, using which you can have side discharge, rear discharge, or implement mulching. With the help of these three capabilities, results that are seen in the end are very impressive. If you learn to toggle between these three, you can achieve a very well finished grass in your lawn.

Craftsman 140cc Lawn Mower gets its real power from the Briggs and Stratton motor installed in it. It is one of the reasons for its great reputation despite being one of the latest push mowers launched by craftsmen. The motor supports all three functions that the mower has been designed for works equally well with all of them. Toughest of grass patches also won’t be left untouched by the mower because of the presence of such a powerful motor. Combined with other efficient components, only you can achieve the clean-cut grass on your lawn.

Grass in any lawn can be of various heights and in various places of the same lawn as well. It can get difficult to cut off that grass on the same level with a fixed height fixture. Most of the time, it will either not reach the grass or get stuck in it. It is why Craftsman Gas Push Lawn Mower has an adjustable lever with which you can change the cutting height so that the cutting deck can cut the grass to the height you want. There are a total of six height options that you get in this Craftsman M105 3-In-1 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower, which should be more than enough to do most of the jobs.

Wheels are the most vulnerable and most used parts of a lawnmower. Without the wheels working properly, your lawnmower is close to useless. That is why you need them to be the most durable component of the push mower. The zag treaded tires in the Craftsman M105 3-In-1 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower are extremely durable and designed to be durable enough to last more than the rest of the components. The back wheels have a diameter of 8 inches and are bigger than the ones in the front, with a diameter of 7 inches.

Craftsman push mowers come with a bagger, unlike many lawn mowers these days that have a bagless design or have disposable bags as part of the design. The bagger is beneficial here as compared to most other situations because it very easily collects all sorts of grass clippings, and you don’t have to empty it again and again like the disposable ones. The cost of not separately buying one is what you save one as it comes with the Craftsman M105 Gas Lawn Mower with Bag.

As mentioned in Craftsman M105 Gas Push Mower Review, the design and 140 CC OHV engine installed in the craftsman lawn mower is gas-powered like many conventional lawnmowers. Small-sized engine is very efficient because of this and provides sufficient power to ensure that the entire lawn can be mowed easily. You have an auto choke option as well to get a quick start on the Craftsman 3 In 1 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower. Gas is usually easily available and better with engines of this size, hence making the entire functioning very efficient.

Craftsman 21-Inch Lawn Mower Specifications

Specification Name Value
34.8 x 23.9 x 17.8 inches
72 pounds
Red and black
Model no
M105 140cc 21-Inch
Power source
Gas powered
push Mower





What kind of oil to put into Craftsman M105 Gas Push Mower?

The SAE- 5W 30, which gives a horsepower and of 6.5 is the best oil for a Craftsman M105 Gas Push Mower.

How do you start a Craftsman M105 Gas Push Mower?

To start the Craftsman M105 Gas Push Mower engine:

      1. Check the oil level in the lawn mower
      2. Attach the spark plug wire to the lawnmower
      3. Push the primer button thrice below 55 Fahrenheit. 
      4. Grasp the Hold control panel, and the upper hand handles firmly in one hand.
Does the Craftsman M105 Push Mower handle to fold down for storage

The Craftsman M105 Gas Push Mower and when arrived at your doorstep did appear in a box with a folded handle already. We have to loosen the same bolts and fold the handle down. If the mower with the handle, loosen the two bolts 2/3 way down on each side and fold the handle. It requires us to take one bolt from each side.

How many gallons of gas does the tank hold for Craftsman M105 Gas Push Mower?

The amount of oil depends on machine to machine. If the machine is a 20 to 23 inch, then it could take between 1 and 3 quarters of oil, and for a 50 to 54 inch, the machine would take up to 1 to 3 gallons of oil.

Does the Craftsman M105 Gas Push Mower need any assembly?

Basic assembly of components will be required after the package is delivered, but nothing that requires
professional help will be needed. The bag is what will need attaching mostly.

Is it possible to repurchase Craftsman M105 Gas Push Mower filters?

Yes, the same filters of Craftsman M105 are available on Amazon itself.

Bottom Line

Craftsman M105 gas push lawn mower is one of the Best Gas Lawn Mowers and can be an ideal lawn mower for those who have a small-sized or a medium-sized lawn. Anything above that would need a bigger lawnmower. A considerably disorderly lawn can be very easily mowed with its help since it has a very powerful engine to back up its functioning. Moreover, anyone in your home can use it to do the job. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a man. The compact and lightweight design of the lawnmower should be thanked for this. Different slopes are also easily manageable with the craftsman push mower. You will be surprised by how much this Best Push Lawn Mower has to offer. It is quite easy to start as well with the auto choke feature that it carries.  Hope you like this Craftsman M105 Gas Push Mower Review, share you experience with us.

The Craftsman 3 In 1 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower can cut any kind of grass with its very versatile design and built. Every component it has has been built and put together to make the job easier for you. Not just that, there are dust filters inside it which take care of anyone who is allergic to pollen, and the same filters also enhance the functioning of the mower itself. The overall design of the push mower is very durable and best for smaller homes where anyone can do the job of mowing the lawn. Most craftsman lawn mowers get good reviews from users, so it is a good purchase.

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