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Craftsman T135 18.5 Gas Powered Riding Lawn Mower

There is an old saying that with wrong sets of equipment, simple and easy work becomes harder and more complicated. The idea is pretty much the same in terms of mowers as well. For small yards, it is feasible to use a hand push reel mower or electric push reel mower to conclude the job. But for lands which are sized in some few acres, using any sort of push mower will not only take a lot of time to mow the entire yard but also continuous walking for such a long area is not possible as well. For these situations, the best types of lawn mower are undoubted, the self-riding tractor style mowers, which are specially designed and developed for large yards and gardens and extensive lawn mowing requirements. Make sure to check Craftsman T135 Riding Mower Review. before you make a choice.

Craftsman T135 Riding Mower Review 2020

Now the Craftsman T135 lawnmower, which is considered as one of the leading models in the riding lawn mowers category and is a heavy-duty, robust machine. That can take-up any professional-grade mowing job with ease and efficiency. Craftsman T135 riding mower is a pretty robust machine, which comprises the most powerful mower engine of all time, the Briggs and Stratton 18.5 HP 504cc engine, which is capable of providing a long-lasting, efficient performance by all means. Along with a strong and powerful engine, powerful 18” front and 20” back wheels result in a smooth ride and along with great maneuverability. 

Craftsman 46-Inch Gas Powered Riding Lawn Mower Features

CraftsmanCraftsman riding lawn mower consists of one powerful mower engine known to man, that is the Briggs and Stratton 18.5 horsepower 540cc one. A “Ready Start” engine, this Best Riding Lawn Mower one provides its user with reliable starting every time just with one turn of the key. Also, without any need and necessity to particularly prime and choke the engine, this one is also capable of handling a large variety of landscapes easily as well.

Along with the powerful engine, another important feature of this Craftsman 46 Riding Lawn Mower, is its ultra-wide riding deck. In-built 46” cutting deck, not only saves a lot of time as it can cover a pretty wide area at a time, but it is also extremely efficient in mowing the lawn in one go, with precise clipping, trimming or full cutting of grass as well. Along with the wide cutting deck, the 18” turning radius is also pretty impressive, which enables the riding mower to get easily out of any narrow and tight spot.

Along with regular one-direction mowing jobs, Craftsman riding lawn mower also consists of a Reverse mowing option, which enables the machine to go back and forth to mow all the trouble spots neatly and precisely.

Mowing a long yard takes a lot of time altogether. So, for finishing the job precisely and the rider needs to sit on the mower for pretty long hours. So, the seat definitely needs to be comfortable to seat-on. Now, coming to this craftsman gas powered riding lawn mower, the seat is so ergonomically designed in such a way that it provides adequate lumbar support to the rider, even on bumpy terrains. The Mid-back high seat is extremely comfortable to sit on as well.

Now, for this type of heavy-duty machine, a strong and durable build is an extremely mandatory feature. A steel made structure, the Craftsman T135 riding lawn mower is rust-resistant, water-resistant, and meant to last long. The 15” front wheels and 20” rear wheels are not only meant for providing a decent clearance over the bumps and uneven grounds but also ensure pretty good traction while running for hours. The cherry red color looks pretty attractive, as well.

As mentioned in Craftsman T135 Riding Mower Review at last, the Convenience factor is also another prime feature, which males any machine or appliance popular in the market. In that context, it has to be mentioned that this CraftsmanCraftsman riding lawn mower is pretty advanced as it is loaded with loads of exciting features, which are meant to make life much easier. Comes in a “ready-to-use” mode, the generic installation process of this mower requires only the fitting of the steering wheel and the seat, in their designated spots.   

Craftsman T135 Lawn Mower Specifications

Specification Name Value
Product dimension
70 x 47 x 35.5 inches
Product weight
503 pounds
Mower type
Riding lawn mower
Engine capacity
18.5 HP, 504cc Briggs and Stratton engine
Wheel size
18” front wheel and 20” rear wheel
Cutting width
Fuel type
Gas powered
Fuel tank size
1.3 gallon
2-year limited warranty





How to put a belt on a Craftsman T135 Riding Lawn Mower?

To put a belt on a Craftsman T135 Riding Lawn Mower, first see the picture of pulley and belt position. Now lower the mower deck with the help of a lever. Find the pulley at the very front that is attached to the engine. With the help of the lever near the engine, place the belt on the engine pulley.

How to start a Craftsman T135 Lawn Mower?

One can start a craftsman T135 lawn mower by following the steps down,


Step 1: To start a craftsman T135 lawn mower you have to first check the oil level on your lawn mower. The oil cap is located right on the top of the engine and it is black in colour to see.

Step 2: Now, you are required to attach the spark plug wire to the spark plug (this step is required if you have not done it in the past).

Step 3: The next step suggests that you have to push the primer button 3 or 5 times in weather below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Step 4: Hold the upper handle and control handle in one hand and in the other hand hold the recoil starter coil and pull the rope slowly. Now allow it to rewind and pull rapidly with full-arm motion. Repeat this pulling and rewinding process until the mower starts.

How many blades does the T135 have?

All we know is that the blades of T135 are three which help you to use. However, once check the manual for accurate info.

Is detailed installation required for this Craftsman riding lawn mower?

No, any major installation process is not required for this particular Craftsman gas-powered riding lawn mower, as
it comes in a ready-to-use mode. Only fitting of the steering wheel and mid-back seat is required.

Is this Craftsman T135 Riding Mower equipped with an automatic transmission?

Equipped with a clutch like a paddle, this Craftsman riding lawn mower consists of automatic transmission

How much warranty is provided with this Craftsman 46-inch mower?

The craftsman gas powered riding lawn mower consists of a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Is mulching being possible in this Craftsman T135 Riding Mower?

No, this particular riding lawn mower is not equipped with any mulching kit. The user needs to buy the kit
separately to do the mulching job.

Is this craftsman T135 riding lawn mower expensive?

As riding lawn mowers are pretty heavy and robust machines, they come with a pretty heavy price tag as well. Now,
in the case of this particular Craftsman, T135 riding lawn mower is priced at around $2000 in most of the famous
e-commerce websites, including Amazon and ebay.

Bottom Line

To conclude Craftsman T135 Riding Mower Review, it has to be mentioned that there are several varieties of riding lawn mower id present in the market. Other than the Craftsman T135 riding lawn mowers.   So, it is always a wise decision to go through all the features of the riding lawn mowers, including the price points, and also compare every model to get a clear picture of the machine. As all the riding lawn mowers, including the Craftsman gas-powered one, comes with a hefty price tag, it is like a long-term investment of some sort. So, get 100% sure that your choice is mandatory.

With 46” wide cutting decks, not only a wide stretch of land is being mowed in the shortest of time, but the featured sharp blades also do all the cutting and trimming jobs pretty precisely as well. The state-of-the-art CVT transmission technology also ensures a pretty smooth riding of the mower even on bumpy uneven terrains. From a convenience point of view, this Craftsman gas-powered riding lawn mower is pretty easy and hassle-free to use as well with features like a self-washing deck, ergonomically designed seat, etc.

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