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Assembling Of The Machine

Great States 815-18 Push Reel Lawn Mower

Nobody likes the lawn in front of their house to be a messy pile of unclipped grass and twigs. But spending a lot of money on professional lawn clipping services now and then also sometimes becomes a pain, especially when the user is in a tight budget like situation. In the market of both basic and professional-grade lawn mowers, there are a variety of machines available. Now, choosing the perfect lawn mower for your home completely depends on the size of the lawn your home has.  From that context, and to save a lot of money, both on the initial purchase and to gas and electricity afterward, it is undoubtedly, the wisest choice will always be on investing on a push lawn mower for small lawn mowing jobs. So here we are introducing the Great States 815-18 Review along with its review and features. .

Great States 815-18 Review 2023

The grate states 815-18 push lawn mower is the hand-held mower, with required 100% manual intervention for functioning. Comprising an 18” cutting deck and 5 heat-treated alloys made blades, the mower is extremely durable and efficient in its performance. The strong and sturdy steel made body And the ergonomically designed handles, makes the mowing process much easier than any other lawn mower. 4- spider ball bearing and 10” composite wheel is also present in this extremely lightweight push lawn mower, which makes the maneuvering easy and a fun-filled affair. Now, from a generic point-of-view, push reels lawn mowers are compact, yet extremely powerful in terms of performance and built. This Great States 18″ 5-Blade Reel Mower is not only strong and sturdy in terms of built but can easily compete with the other power mowers, in terms of efficiency and performance as well.

Great States Reel Mower Features

  • Adjustable cutting height
  • High-quality blades.
  • Noise-less performance.
  • Ergonomically designed handles.
  • Strong and durable built.
  • Easy maneuverability.
  • Environmentally friendly.

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Adjustable cutting heights

As per Great States 815-18 Review , this Great state Lawn mower is proving everybody wrong with their power and performance by all means. It is designed and developed to fulfill all types of consumer’s requirements. This Best Push Lawn Mower consists of variable cutting height settings, which allows the user to cut grass and twigs in a range of 0.5” to 2.75”, depending on their needs and necessities. Adjustable cutting s height, not only allows the owner to give a continuous and seamless look to the entire lawns but it also enables them to make those interesting geometric lawn designs as well.

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High-quality blades

Most intriguing power of States 18″ 5-Blade Reel Mower push is the extremely powerful blades it consists of. The quality of work and ultimate efficiency of any lawn mower is solely based on the types of blades it consisted of. Now, in the case of this Great States 818-18 lawn mower, it consists of 5-sets of super-sharp blades, which are manufactured with hardened stainless steel. Blades are so sharp and powerful that it does not even require frequent sharpening as well. Also, the blades are attached to 4-spider shaped ball bearings as well, which makes the blades spin pretty fast and that too without giving a lot of effort as well. Ball bearings are one of the possible reasons behind this Great States 815-18 18-Inch Push Lawn Mower popularity, as these make the mower easy to maneuver even for elderly people as well.

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Noise-less performance

One of the biggest drawbacks of any motor operated, big-capacity mowers are that they produce an extremely loud noise when in function. And eventually, with years of usage, the noise quality increases, whereas the performance decreases. Now in case of push reel lawn mowers, as they are completely manually operated and do not consist of any motor or other heavy-duty parts whatsoever, these extremely noise less. So, clipping your lawn whenever you want, and that too even after the sun goes down, is not a problem, when you have your Great states 815-15 push reel lawn mower.

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Ergonomically designed handles

As push reel lawn mowers work completely manually, and as the user needs to push it all around, it is equally important to have an ergonomically designed handle, along with great quality blades and other technical -factors. Now in case of Great State 815-15 push reel lawn mower, this one is composed of a loop style handle with padded, hand-grip. The handle is calibrated to average human height and also makes the maneuver pretty easy, even for elderly persons.

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Strong and durable built

The build of this Great States push reel lawn mower is meant to last long. From the design context, push reel lawn mowers are extremely compact and consist of only two major parts- the handle and the cutting decks on wheels. In the case of this Great state mower, the handle is made of stainless steel, whereas the blades are built with heat-treated alloy, and in both cases, the result is extremely strong and durable. Cutting deck, in this Great state lawn mower, is 18” long, which is capable enough of covering a small yard in just a few rounds. Now, the 18” deck is also the average size of cutting decks in most of the power mowers, so not only is the user not losing any efficiency, but converting to manual modes of mowing from power ones.

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Easy maneuverability

Along with its blade capacity, it’s built, another important feature which makes it the best push reel lawn mower of all time, is its easy maneuverability. Comprises of a 10” composite wheel, pushing it around the yard, is not that troublesome. Now, the 4-spider bearings and the extremely lightweight, are acting as added advantages and makes the maneuvering pretty easy and fun-filling as well. It Weighed only 27 pounds. This Great States 815-18 lawn Mower is not only easy to carry around, before and after mowing, to the storage area, this is also considered as the lightest push reel lawn mower with 18” cutting deck as well.

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Environment friendly

Now, maybe reel mowers are not that efficient like power mowers, they are not suitable for slightly bigger lawns, or they require pretty intense power to push them around as well, but these are environmentally friendly. In today’s time, where the average temperature of the world is increasing in folds every year, gadgets or appliances, which emit no fumes or use no electricity or any type of fuel, are considered as the best ones. Being a push reels mower, this Great state one also falls under this category, as it does not use any oil or electricity to start its functioning. As this Great States Reel Mower For Sale is On in amazon, don’t miss this chance.


Great States 815-18 Specifications

Specification Name Value
Product dimension 25 x 14 x 10.5 inches
Product weight 27-pounds
Mower type Push reel mower
Wheel size 10” composite wheel
Cutting width 18”
Cutting height ½” to 2-3/4”
Handle type Loop style handle with cushioned grip
Blades 5-reel blades with 4-spider bearing
Grass catcher Has to be buy separately
warranty 2-years


  • Variable cutting height settings, with widest cutting deck.​
  • Lightweight, easy to maneuver
  • 10” wheel, makes pushing the mower pretty easy,​
  • No need of gas, oil or spark plugs


  • External body of the mower is coated with rust-resistant material.
  • Extremely powerful and durable blades
  • 4-spider ball bearing reel for easy yielding of the mower.
  • Ergonomically designed handles.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Affordable price range.


  • Not suitable for cutting relatively tall grasses
  • As the wheels are wider than the cutting decks, sometimes the grass on the side fence may be left out.
  • Handle and frame assembly is not that strong and secure.
  • Sometimes twigs and grass clippings get stuck in the mower blade.


Do the Great States 815-18 Push Reel Mowers cut all types of grass well or are some grasses more difficult?

The Great States 815-18 Push Reel Mowers cuts the smaller lawns perfectly and it is not very well to cut tall grass or weeds. This helps you maintain the grass at a reasonable height without letting it grow taller.

How do Great States mowers compare to American?

As compared to the American lawn mowers, Great States lawn mowers are reel and lightweight which is quite easy to push, just because of its simplicity they can be used at any time. On the other hand, the American lawn mowers are also of a very good quality. These are the High-quality lawn tool in the market nowadays that work for a lot of 120 years.

Can you back Great States 815-18 Mower easily or does it only go forward?

Yes, one can move Great States 815-18 Mower back and forward both sides. But as per the reviews from users, the mower only cuts the grass in forward motion.

How much does Great States 815-18 weigh?

Great States 815-18 Lawn Mower weighs around 27 pounds.

Are Great States 815-18 Push Reel Mower being suitable for cutting wet grass?

As the blades in the Great state 815-18 push reel mower are extremely sharp, they can also handle wet grass. But
the user has to be careful during the mowing process after rains, as grooves created in the mud, may alter the
future growth pattern of the grass.

Are the clipping collection bags included in this Great States 815-18 Push Reel Mower?

In the case of this particular push lawn mower, the clipping collecting bag is not included with the mower
package. So, the user needs to buy that separately.

Are push Great States 815-18 Push Reel Mower expensive?

In comparison with other popular varieties of mowers, push reel mowers are extremely affordable in terms of price
and considered as the cheapest kinds of mowers available in the market.

Bottom Line

Now, selecting the perfect lawn mower is solely based on the size of the lawn you have in your home. In the case of a small size yard, investing in a push lawn mower is one of the best decisions one could make. Because push lawn mowers are not only quieter than its powerful variants, they are extremely affordable in terms of price and also extremely noise-less. Also, without the intervention of any electricity or other types of fuel source, they are free of any type of emissions, hence environment-friendly as well. And with all these great features and some more as well, the Great State 815-18 push reel lawn mower is undoubtedly a great deal to invest in. Hope you find this Great States 815-18 Review will aid you to choose the best lawn mower for your garden maintenance.


Also, as Great States Lawn Mower 815-18 is mostly consisting of the cutting deck and the handles, these are easy and convenient to store as well and do not take a lot of space either. Now, another interesting advantage of Great States 815-18 18-Inch Push Lawn Mower is, as their function does not involve any electricity and fuel, these are extremely safe to the environment by all means.


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