Husqvarna 21-inch Push Lawn Mower Review 2019: Things you should know about Husqvarna 7021P

Looking for the Best Gas Push Mower and not willing to spend a lot of money, then this Husqvarna 7021P Push Lawn Mower is a perfect choice. Everyone wish to keep their lawn to look beautiful, healthy and well manicured. You can’t do that with a less optimal mower. You need an outstanding lawn mower. There are some hundreds of models available in the market but out of them, a reliable and powerful mower is Husqvarna 7021P 21 inch 3 in 1 Lawn Mower. What makes this special in its category is its powerful 160cc Honda engine, its compact design, reasonable price tag.

At an affordable price, this Best Push Mower of 2019 comes with many features that are usually found in most of the expensive lawn mowers. You may find many similar products on the market but most of them don’t offer the ideal combination of power, versatility or value as this Best Husqvarna Lawn Mower does. So, read my in-depth Husqvarna 7021P Review 2019 and decide whether it is the right choice for you or not.

Husqvarna 7021P 21 inch Push Mower Review

Husqvarna 7021P 21-Inch 160cc Honda GCV160 Gas Powered 3-in-1 Push Lawn Mower With High Rear Wheels

I prefer Gas powered mowers than other mower types for my lawn. The reason is they are more powerful and perform better on almost all types of grass. Along with this, these Gas Lawn Mowers give more freedom to move and more autonomy when compared to the electric counterparts. Based on my first-hand experience, I’m presenting the Husqvarna 7021P Lawn Mower Review 2019.

The Husqvarna Mower 7021P is a solid walk behind gas powered mower with a plenty of great features. It comes with a 160 cubic centimetre Honda engine. The compact design of this Husqvarna Gas Mower with High Rear Wheels makes it easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces and also more efficient to store in our garage. Just like many lawn mowers on the market these days, the Husqvarna 7021P 21 inch Lawn Mower offers three mowing options. That is it provides you with the options to either bag, mulch, or side-discharge the grass clippings. In the spring, you would possibly wish to recycle grass clipping into the yard. But there could be times when it is best to bag your clippings. For example, if you want to limit the spread of the fungus.

It also comes with a four or five position cutting height adjustment options so that you always give your lawn the best possible cut in order to keep it healthy and lustrous. And the competitive price tag makes this Husqvarna 3 in 1 Push Lawn Mower one of the more affordable gas mowers in the market. With the Husqvarna Push Mower Review 2019, you’ll definitely make a purchasing decision. Simply, go through the entire article to know complete details of this Husqvarna 7021p 21-inch Push Lawn Mower.

Husqvarna 7021P 21-Inch 160cc Honda GCV160 Gas Powered 3-N-1 Push Lawn Mower With High Rear Wheels

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What can the Husqvarna 21″ Gas Push Lawn Mower be used for?

This powerful machine from Husqvarna is best suited for any type of grass in most of the yard where a walk-behind mower is appropriate. As it is a Push mower rather than the self-propelled model, you need to do the exercise along with it while using in large sized lawns. But thanks to its powerful Honda GCV160 engine and the large rear wheels as they can handle rough terrains better than most of the similar products. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab one for your home from Not only the device, but you can also purchase Husqvarna 7021P Parts from this best online retailer.

Features of Husqvarna 7021P (21″) 160cc Honda 3-in-1 Push Lawn Mower

  • Complete 3 in 1 Mower: Mulch, Bag, Side discharge.
  • Husqvarna 7021P Gas Push Mower9 Height Settings.
  • Powerful Honda GCV Engine.
  • Robust Wheels with double ball bearings.
  • Easily adjustable handle height.
  • Dust Resistant rear bagger.
  • 8″ front wheels & 12″ rear wheels.

Husqvarna Mower 7021P Features Description

Height Adjustment

This Husqvarna 7021P 21″ Honda GCV160 Gas 3 in 1 Push Lawn Mower comes with a total of 9 height adjustments that range from 1.25 inches to 3.5 inches. Moreover, changing the height of this Husqvarna 7021P Push Mower is simple and was accomplished with the help of a slider. By pushing the lever, you can change the cutting height of a particular wheel. Once you have set the desired height, you can alter it by blocking the motor and changing the height. But this can be a bit of hassle.

At the same time, if you get the hang of it, it takes a matter of seconds to adjust while the mower can be adjusted in just a minute or two. So, it can be a tedious task for you to make sure that each wheel was adjusted correctly in order to get an even cut.

21″ Wide Cutting Path

This Best Husqvarna Push Lawn Mower features a cutting deck of 21 inches wide. It is wide enough that it will be able to handle the small to mid sized lawns easily without making too many passes. Here fewer passes mean less work and time spent mowing your lawn. But it is not good enough for mowing large yards.

Impressive Wheels Husqvarna 7021P Mower with High Rear Wheels

This rotary walk-behind lawn mower is engineered with two 12-inch rear wheels and two 10-inch front wheels. The double ball bearing mounted wheels will promise to provide smooth operations. To get more comfortable operation, you can mount the handle on the mower in a high or low position. Moreover, this foldable handle lets you with storage problems.

Powerful Honda Motor

As this Husqvarna 7021 Lawn Mower features a 160cc Honda Carb-compliant Engine, it promises a powerful mowing performance to the users. Honda engines are very rare on the lawn mowers that are especially with a 21 inch cutting deck. As the motor goes, you can’t find any better choice than this. But remember to use the exact oil type as mentioned in the Husqvarna 7021P Manual as it provides a huge difference in both longevity and performance.

Based on the Husqvarna 7021P Reviews, there are some aspects that should be improved. The stamped steel deck of this mower could be a little more sturdy. Some users thought that if there is a variable speed throttle on this mower, it would be more powerful one. In addition to these, as the height adjustments are easy to set in this Best Lawn Mower 2019, some wish that this unit should come with more height options.


When you are using this Husqvarna Mower 7021P for the first time, you’ll observe that this mower doesn’t require any settings as it comes pre-assembled straight out of the box. One thing you have to do is simply extended the handles, tight them and set the operation height and start your mowing job. With the extremely reliable Honda GCV160 engine, you can easily start it immediately by adding the engine oil and topping the gas tank. But remember to keep the choke always on when cold starting. If you have any obstacles such as tree roots or flower beds at your lawn, you can also overcome them easily with the help of large back wheels that provide manoeuvrability. At the end, your lawn will be turned out with a very uniform cut.

Versatile Handle

husqvarna push mower foldable handleMost of the lawn mowers usually get a handle that may be too long or too short which will result in mowing a position that was not entirely comfortable for you. But why should you have to satisfy with that? As the Husqvarna 7021P Lawn Mower comes with four different settings for the handlebar so you can find one that was comfortable for you. When it comes to storing the mower, you can also fold the handle easily; that means it consumes minimal space in your garage. Also, the padding on the handle is pretty comfy that it won’t harm your hands while mowing.

As per the my personal experience, here is a special advice for you guys that don’t adjust the height settings too close to the ground if your lawn has uneven terrains as it may leave clumps in the mulching mode.

Specs of Husqvarna Lawn Mower 7021P – Best Husqvarna Push Mower

Husqvarna 7021P 3 in 1 Push Lawn Mower Specs
Manufacturer Husqvarna
Model Name 7021P
Drive System Push
Cutting Deck Material Steel
Cutting Options 3-in-1: Rear bag, Mulch, Side Discharge
Lawn Mower Type Gas Push Mower
Power type Gasoline powered
Minimum Cutting Height 1.25 inches
Maximum Cutting Height 3.4 inches
Cutting height increments 6
Cutting height adjustments 4-point, 9 position
Side/ Rear Discharge Side discharge
Product Dimensions (W x H x D) 23 x 38 x 68 inches
Item weight 65.9 pounds
Cutting width 21 inches
Blade Length 21 inches
Mower Deck Width 21″
Front Wheel Size 203.2 mm
Rear Wheel Size 304.8 mm
Wheelbase 57 cm
Front axle Fixed
Wheels type Plastic Wheels
Power & Performance
Engine Name Honda GCV160
Engine Displacement (cc) 160cc
Manufacturer of the Engine Honda
Gross Torque 6.9 lb ft
Engine Cylinders 1
Start Type Recoil Start
Fuel Type Gasoline
Power 4 hp
Cutting Speeds 5
Terrain Type Flat
Walk Behind Mower Type Push
Collector Volume 2.2 cubic feet
Fuel Tank Capacity (with reserve) 0.93 l
Cylinder Displacement 160 cm³
Self-Propelled No
Rims Material Plastic
No. of blades 1
Deck Construction Stamped
Collector type Down Vented Soft bag
Handle Type Ergonomic Handle
Noise Level 84 dB
Ball bearing wheels Yes
Special Features 3 in 1 grass disposal system, Soft grip foldable handle, Double Ball bearing wheels, Extra large collector, Mulching Lawn Mower, 4 point adjustments
Items included Push Mower, Collection Bag, Mulcher Kit, Owner’s manual
Manufacturer Warranty 3 years

Pros and Cons of Husqvarna 7021P 21″ Honda GCV160 Gas 3 in 1 Push Lawn Mower

Why we pick this:

  • Easy to manoeuvre.
  • Excellent cut quality.
  • Powerful and Easy to start Honda Engine.
  • Affordable price.
  • Great Manoeuvrability.
  • Extremely reliable.
  • Large wheels with double ball bearings.
  • Versatile Handle.

Why we don't pick this:

  • Cutting height adjustment is a bit cumbersome.
  • Not a self-propelled mower.
  • Performance is a bit less while using the mulching plug.


Overall, this Best Husqvarna Push Lawn Mower is a solid mower with many advanced features. It brings all the benefits of a gas powered mower and the engine is designed for reducing the flaws that are associated with a gas mower such as noise or fumes. Despite few drawbacks only, this Husqvarna 7021P is definitely an excellent choice if you are craving for a Best Walk-behind Push Lawn Mower 2019 in the market.

9.1 Total Score
Great Mower, Great Price

With the 21 inch cutting path and powerful Honda GCV160 engine, this Husqvarna 7021P Gas Push Mower is ideal for smaller yards regardless of the terrain or grass.

Ease of Use
Height Adjustment
Cut Quality
Power & Performance
  • Powerful and reliable engine
  • Easy to start
  • Excellent Cut quality
  • Versatile handle
  • Extremely reliable
  • Not a self-propelled one
  • No throttle control
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