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Tips and Tricks for Lawn Care during Spring, Winter, Summer

In this guide, we attempt to provide some simple lawn care tips and tricks to maintain your yard in good shape and also reap the vast benefits it has to offer.

Lawn Care Tips

Every homeowner dreams of having a great looking lawn. Having a perfectly groomed turf in the neighborhood is a perfect reason to feel proud, but there are other reasons to regularly mow and groom your lawn.

Lawn Care Tips image
Lawn Care Tips image

Benefits of grooming your lawn

Before we look at the maintenance of lawns, let us try to understand the benefits of mowing your lawn, which goes beyond cosmetic benefits.

Stronger grass

Mowing your lawn regularly will make the grass healthy and green. Maintaining the grass at a height of about 3 inches will make them look lush and green. When we cut down the grass regularly, new shoots will rise, which are healthier than the old weaker shoots.

Growth is even

Having a patchy or uneven lawn is not exactly pleasing to the eye. This is usually the result of not mowing your lawn regularly. This can be rectified by cutting down your grass on a regular basis, and over a period of time, your lawn will look even and perfectly good.

Quicker recovery

Lawns face a lot of challenges to grow due to inclement weather and pests all the time. Overall regular maintenance and mowing of the lawn will help the yard to quickly recover from such issues and become healthier in no time.

Seasonal Lawn Care Tips

Similar to plants, your lawn also behaves according to season. Performing the same routine for every season may not be good for your yard. For this reason, you need to understand their habits and learn some simple tricks to keep your lawn healthy and green all around the lawn.

There might be some factors like variations in climates and soils, depending upon the area that you live, that needs to be considered, but let us look at some of the general tips to maintaining a healthy, lush green lawn all year long.

Lawn care in Spring

Lawn care in Spring image
Lawn care in Spring image

While it may not be a fun activity, maintaining your lawn in spring requires a thorough clean up before the actual maintenance work. Wait till the ground is dry and then use a rake and gently pull to dead grass, leaves, twigs and other debris from the floor.

Do not water your lawn immediately. The ground usually has enough moisture for the grass to grow well and hence it is only advisable to water only when the grass begins to wilt. While watering, do it deeply and wait till the grass begins to wilt, which is usually about a week, before watering again.

Spring may not be a good time to fertilize your lawn. The new, tender growth is likely to wilt once the weather turns hot. If your area is under drought, the chances are higher. Using a slow releasing fertilizer might help if the lawn looks unhealthy. However, if your lawn has any type of warm season grass, it is necessary to add fertilizer to improve growth.

Lawn care in Summer

Lawn care in Summer image
Lawn care in Summer image

Summer is usually the most difficult times to manage your lawn, as there is extreme weather condition to consider. We can’t do much about the weather; however, we can take some measures to maintain a healthy lawn.

Apply slow release fertilizer in early summer as and when required. Stop applying fertilizers when daytime temperatures reach beyond 30 degree Celsius.

It is necessary to water the lawn regularly, as extreme heat tends to dry out the lawns very quickly. It is better to water early in the morning as the ground has a higher chance of water absorption at the time. Watering late in the evening can increase the humidity during the night and result in fungal infections.

Mulch mowing the lawn by allowing the grass to stay higher than the usual level provides shade to the roots and protects them from heat and dryness.

Weeds are a major concern during summer. It is necessary to remove weeds at regular intervals manually or by using a weedicide.

Lawn care in Fall

Lawn care in Fall image
Lawn care in Fall image

Come fall and there is so much of cleaning to be done in your lawn, on a regular basis. Although the grass might grow slower now, it is important to keep mowing your lawn regularly.

You might have to think about adding some fertilizers to the lawn. Adding some feed now will help keep up the lawn for winter, giving the grass strength to withstand extremely cold conditions.

During this season, there is a high chance that we ignore to water the lawn. Since fall is known for winds, the ground might dry up very quickly than you might think. So it is better to water your lawn on a regular basis.

There is not much of a weed problem during fall, however, there are certain varieties like bindii pickles which start growing during this season. So keep an eye out for those creepers.

Lawn care in Winter

Lawn care in Winter image
Lawn care in Winter image

This time of the year is not for jingle bells and hot cocoa, but also to prepare your lawn for the extreme weather and frost.

The first step would be to dig out any large weeds and if necessary do a light mow using a high setting in your lawn mower. Remove all the leaves and debris from the lawn. It is also necessary to check for dryness now and them by feeling the ground under the thatch. Most often the lawn becomes quite dry during winter. Try to water them once or twice a week in the mornings.

Most weeds remain dormant during winter; however, certain varieties like broadleaf weeds, thistles, etc. can thrive in this season. Keep watching for these weeds and remove them as soon as you can. Using some weed killer can also help improve your lawn health.


Final Thoughts on Lawn Care Tips

As we discussed in this article, maintaining a beautiful and lush garden requires effort and a lot of tender care and love from the homeowner. While you may choose to allow your lawn to get into the wild jungle status, it is not recommended to leave the lawn without love and care for a long time.

It is better to invest some time and effort in maintaining the lawn well, with the help some right tools like a good lawn mower, fertilizers, and weed killers. Happy Mowing!! Keep visiting this portal for more information on Best Lawn Mowers.

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