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Which to choose between Push Mower & Riding Mower

Not sure of what kind of mower to buy? Fear not! Check out our guide Push Mower vs Riding Mower on what to consider when deciding between a push mower and a riding mower.

Push Mower vs Riding Mower

Here is the complete information regarding Push Mower and Riding Mower. Check the differences between both of them and make a decision on what to choose.

Push Mower vs Riding Mower image
Push Mower vs Riding Mower image

Comparing Riding Lawn Mowers and Push Mowers

While comparing between riding lawn mowers and push lawn mowers, below are the things to consider.

  • How big is your lawn?
  • What is the lay of your land?
  • How long does it take to mow your lawn?
  • Do you have any landscaping features to avoid while mowing?

Keeping these things mind, we need to analyze the pros and cons of push mowers and Riding lawn mowers before arriving at a decision.

Push Mower for Lawns

Push mowers are small, self-propelled, piston-powered lawn mowers that can be used for small lawns. They work for small, flat lawns that are less than three-fourths of an acre in size. They will also work well when you need some maneuvering around some landscaping features in your lawn.

A push mower is generally less expensive, the cheapest one costing a little more than $100. A riding mower can run into several thousand dollars. The major advantage with a push mower is the maneuverability. They can easily cut down the grass closer to trees and other obstacles.

With respect to cons, the major problem with Push lawn mowers is that they are time-consuming when compared to riding mowers. The deck size and blade size of a push mower are smaller compared to a riding mower.

There are several types of push mowers found in the market.

Manual Reel Mower image

Manual Reel Mower

  • Need to be pushed manually using manpower.
  • They are very quiet and environmentally friendly.
  • They are not quick and efficient as other larger models.
Corded electric mowers image

Corded electric mowers

  • These are greater for small lawns.
  • Just plug in and you are all set to go.
  • Your range is limited by the length of the cord.
  • Less powerful than gas-powered models.
Cordless electric mowers image

Cordless electric mowers

  • They are light, quiet and environmentally friendly.
  • Powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.
  • Quick recharge and will last to mow a medium sized lawn.
  • Both push and self-propelled models are available but premium priced.
Gas-powered lawn mowers image

Gas-powered lawn mowers

  • More powerful than electric mowers.
  • Have variable speed to fine-tune the pace of mowing.
  • Requires regular maintenance.

Riding Mower for Lawns

A riding mower is more expensive than push mowers. At the same time, you will get the job done faster and easier since riding mowers have powerful motors and larger cutting decks. It is also physically less demanding; you don’t have to walk around pushing the mower, instead, you can just sit comfortably and operate your riding mower.

Riding mowers also come with other attachments that can help you with mulching, hauling and bagging the cut grass. Additionally, features like padded and adjustable seats, comfortable steering control makes usage of riding mowers a breeze.

As with push mowers, riding mowers also come in a variety.

Rear engine mower image

Rear engine mower

  • Comfortable and quiet.
  • Can handle slopes.
  • Takes a longer time as they are less powerful than larger models.
Lawn tractor image

Lawn tractor

  • Powerful motor and wide mowing deck.
  • Can handle all types of terrain.
  • Comes with attachments like snowplow or work cart.
Garden tractor image

Garden tractor

  • A larger, powerful version of lawn tractors.
  • The mowing deck is sold separately, increasing the cost.
  • Can be used in very large yards.
Zero-turn-radius mower image

Zero-turn-radius mower

  • Fast and powerful, speeds up to 8mph with 360-degree steering.
  • Lesser time to complete mowing.
  • Steep costs.

Making the right choice

For the most part, the choice between a push mower and a riding mower is simple. It mostly depends on the size of your lawn, if you have a smaller lawn go for a push mower, while a larger yard would need a powerful riding mower.

If your lawn is in the medium range, then you can go for both. The choice would depend on your spending power and the time that you might save using a riding mower. Just like buying a new car, it is always important to remember that substance matters before style.

Think carefully based on the size and type of lawn, manufacturer warranties, and budget. After weighing all options, compare shop before you invest in a Lawn Mower. Keep visiting www.lawnmowers.io, for more useful information on the best lawn mowers.

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