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Lawn Mower Types – What is the purpose of each type?

A lawn mower machine slashes the grassland surface to an equivalent height by utilizing one or extra revolving blades. The height of a slash grass can be permanent depending on the aim of the mower. But usually, it can be modifiable with the worker, usually by using the single master lever, or by a nut or bolt situated on each of machine’s wheels. The blades can get powered by applying manual force, or by spinning the wheels which are linked mechanically to the cutting blades. So as the mower is pushed forward, the blades rotate, or the machine needs to have plug-in electric motor or powerful battery. In this guide, we are going to know about the different Types of Lawn Mowers.

Types of Lawn Mowers

Generally, the small mower has a lack of any form of forwarding motion, so it requires human power to move over the surface; “walk-behind” mowers are known as self-propelled, requires the human to walk behind and guide them. Larger mowers are generally either the self-propelled “walk-behind” type or ride-on mowers so that the operator can ride on lawnmower and can control it.

Types of Lawn Mowers image
Types of Lawn Mowers image

Lawn Mowers Types

In general, lawn mowers need two diverse styles of blades. Lawnmower engaged with only one blade spins about a solo vertical axis which is known as rotary mowers, while those engaged with cutting bar and several blades spin about a solo horizontal axis which is called as a reel or cylinder mowers. There are diverse kinds of mowers each one has its own precise scale and reason. The non-powered and smaller type’s lawn mowers are apt for small residential lawns and gardens whereas for bigger residential use Piston engine-powered or electrical push-mowers.

Riding Lawn Mowers

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A riding or ride-on lawn mowers are sorts of lawn mowers on which the operator is seated unlike the mowers are towed or pushed.

Riding lawn mowers at times look like small tractors and are bigger compared to push mowers which are used for large lawns. Even though the commercial riding lawn mowers are like stand on types, but often they look like residential lawn tractors, which are being intended to go on large areas at high speed in possibly very little time. Tractors are fixed with large multi-gang mowers for big expanses of grass like municipal park and golf courses though they not suitable for complex terrain which requires maneuverability.

People who are using mower should wear eye protection, heavy footwear, and protection for hearing when dealing with engine-powered mowers.

Self-propelled Lawn Mowers

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Self-propelled lawn mowers work on drive system that needs an operator to squeeze a bar which is called a “bail” present on the handle to hold the mower after which the lawn mower moves ahead on its own you need not have to push it. That is, squeezing this bail or bar not only causes the cutting blades on self-propelled rotary mower to start spinning but also causes the mower itself to takeoff and all you have to do is just manage the direction in which way it is going. If you let loose your grip on the bar then the power shuts off, it stops moving and its blades stop spinning.

This is one of the safety features that are more or less the rule nowadays. This safety feature is present even on the mowers that are not self-propelled. For example, I can’t begin my battery-powered push mowers unless one is holding down the bar on handle.

The principle behind this safety feature is:

  1. If you by chance slip or lose footing, then there will be less chance of getting the spinning blades coming in contact with your body.
  2. If you suddenly hit with some potential hazard then you would not have to fiddle with a switch to switch off the mower. All you have to do is just release the bar.

Electric Lawn Mower

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The electric lawn mowers are powered with the main electricity. This is the best option for small and medium-sized gardens. These types of mowers are cheaper to buy, smaller and can be stored easily.

Electric lawn mowers are further divided into two types cord and cordless electric models. Both are moderately quiet.

The corded electric lawn mower is limited in range with their trailing power cord. This may limit their need with lawns by extending them outward more than 100 to 150 feet from the nearby existing power outlet. There is an additional hazard with these cord electric lawn mowers that accidentally moving the mower over the power cable which stops the mower and may result in a risk of receiving the dangerous electric shock for users.

Cordless electric lawn mowers are powered by a changeable number of 12 volts, 56 volts and 80 volts of rechargeable batteries. Generally, more batteries mean more power and more run time. Batteries can be present either in the interior of an electric lawn mower or outside. If present outside then the depleted batteries can be easily swapped with rechargeable batteries. They are expensive and come in fewer models.

Push Mowers

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These traditional push mowers are invented in the year 1830. Push mowers are a simple machine, the gears will spin a whorl present between five and eight spiral-shaped blades which is passed by a stationary blade present at the rear end of the mower. By working together they slice the blades of grass in order to give a fine and smooth grass surface.

Push mowers are easy and safe to use. When you stop pushing then it stops cutting and even you can see their blades. Moreover, as it does not use any engine to operate it is quite easy to use. It is however have limited cutting abilities and is not suitable for uneven and large lawns.

Robotic Lawn Mowers

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Robotic lawn mowers work and can cut the lawn automatically that is without any supervising. Just simply turn it on and then let it go around the lawn cutting the grasses. It restricted with some bordered wire around the lawn so that it defines the area to be mowed. The robot utilizes this wire to locate the boundaries of the area to be trimmed. And in some cases even to locate the recharging dock. A robotic lawn mower is becoming popular to the people who cannot even spare their time for mowing their lawn.

Lawn Tractors

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A common or general form of a ride on mower is lawn tractor. These generally designed to look like a small agricultural tractor, with the cutting deck placed amidships between the front and rear axles. The drives of these lawn tractors are in many categories. The most general transmission for this lawn tractor is a manual transmission. The second common type of transmission form is continuously variable transmission known as hydrostatic transmission. The hydrostatic transmission is more costly than mechanical transmission. But they are very easy to use and can transmit the greater torque to the wheels when compared to typical mechanical transmission.

Riding lawn mowers often mounted on other devices. Such as on rotavators, snow blowers, snow plows and occasionally on even the fork-lift or front buckets which is properly called as lawn tractors which are being designed for performing multiple tasks. Keep in touch with our portal to find out the best lawn mowers.

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