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What are weeds & How to control them? – Follow Simple Tips & get rid of Weeds

A weed is a plant that is growing where it not needed. It also includes that plants were not intentionally sown in a particular location or the plants that interfere more with the human activity. Another way to think is that plants with undesirable qualities are more problematic than good qualities. It all depends on individual perception in viewing the plant. Let us see How to get rid of weeds in this guide.

How to get rid of weeds?

Not all the plants are weeds, but all the weeds have some or other negative impacts on the way the food is produced for livestock and humans, on the health of humans and on the overall environment. So it is necessary to control and prevent the weeds for these negative impacts.

How to get rid of weeds image
How to get rid of weeds image

What are the weeds?

A weed is a plant growing in some unnecessary or wrong place where it is not needed or it causes harm. Weeds compete with the crop for light, nutrients, and space. As a result, the crop plant will get less light, nutrients, and space for their development. Weeds have many characteristics that are considered as negative. Below are some of the characteristics of weeds are:

  • Plants that cause harm to animals and human.
  • The plants which grow quickly.
  • Plants that produce chemicals which are toxic to surrounding plants.
  • Plants that reduce the growth of crops and inhibit harvest.

Weeds can grow wherever they have a chance in vegetable patches, lawns, pots, flower beds, the gap in pathways and waste areas. Weeds are generally weedy because of their ability in taking the advantages of opportunities quickly in germinating and growing.

How to control the weeds?

Weeds are the big enemies for home gardeners. So controlling weed is most vital in agriculture. Many strategies have been introduced in order to control these weeds. Here are some of the strategies to prevent weed growth and how to control weeds.

1. Take out weeds with the help of thick lawn cover

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Keep the lawn chunky and fit so that weeds do not have any possibility to grow. To remove the weeds in decorative beds, add thick plantings or a ground cover.

Weeds are just a simple plant that acquires the advantage of a free area with the existing resources. The simple way to manage the growth of weeds is to prevent the open niches from where they get an advantage. To lessen the weed trouble and to make the lawn as competitive, mow the grass to a high level and fertilize it the best.


2. Maintain healthy soil

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Once you have set the desired plants thrown out of weeds, next keep the plants fit with aerated, productive and well-drained soil. To create the optimal fertilization soils test the soil and talk to the local specialists.

Most of the weeds do not need any specific requirements other than open areas. Weeds problem can be reduced if you promote the growth of desirable plants. Weeds often get benefit from the application of fertilizer but not more, so applying nutrients as a counterproductive may suppress the weeds.


3. Till the garden

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Turning and loosening of soil will help to manage the weed populations, but digging the soil must be done with some prudence. Tilling may simply revolve the weed seeds.

Tilling can provide a clean start for the crops and simplifies weeding. It has the ability to bury a lot of seeds at a depth where they are not able to establish successfully. This can be beneficial for the seeds that were produced in the previous year and that are lying under the surface.


4. Hoe the topsoil

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By carefully hoeing the topsoil will effectively control the weeds but hoeing has some limits like tilling.

Hoeing must be of tiny and thin strokes so that it will be able to just cut off weeds at topsoil level. Hoeing deeper will affect the germination zone of weed seeds and even cause damage to the roots of plants growing nearby that zone.


5. Mulch garden beds

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Mulch is an important factor in the prevention of weed growth. Any barrier that blocks the light will work as mulch. Organic mulches have more benefits in controlling the weed seeds. Organic mulches improve the structure of soil and add nutrients when particularly used at the end of the growing season. Mulches are better at blocking the smaller annual weeds.


6. Burn weeds

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This is a chemical free alternative but still uses gas, removing the weeds with small landscape flamers that are attached to standard propane tanks. This method is effective and quid to get rid of weeds that lay on lawn edging and sidewalk cracks.


7. Block everything with the help of plastic sheets

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Solid plastic sheets are another way to cover the ground and block the growth of weeds. The plastic blocks light penetration and water, in turn, killing the underneath plants. There are different plastic sheeting colors each having different uses. Black plastic helps to warm the soil which is useful for warm season crops such as peppers and tomatoes. White plastic work as mulch, but does not have much effect on soil temperature like black plastic. Clear plastic allows light to penetrate so it should not be used which results in the germination of excessive heat and weed seeds.

Plastic is originated from petroleum and may be less organic than chemical sprays.


Tips to prevent weeds from growing

Below are some of the tips to prevent weeds from growing:

  • Feed regularly: proper care for lawn is the best medicine. When the lawn stressed out then it has a higher chance of being attacked with weeds. So feeding the lawn regularly for about 6 to 8 weeks in the growing season period with the help of lawn fertilizer such as Scott’s turf will make the lawn to stay lush and thick making it less welcome to weeds. You can even boost up the lawn by detaching or aerating as necessary.
  • Mow higher: like plants weed seeds also need sunlight to sprout. When you mow next raise the mower so height. Moving the mower at a taller height needs one of the settings on the mower which helps the grass to grow chunky and large to gloom the soil so there will less possibility for the weed seeds to grow and sprout.
  • Water deeply: watering extremely and regularly will help the lawn in the growth of deeper roots so it will fight better with weeds. Shallow and frequent watering will cheer up the growth of shallow roots. In this way, grass will suffer more during the periods of drought and heat causing bare spots and thin such that weeds will catch the advantage of. If the lawn is developed with deep roots then it grows thick, as a result, it helps in eliminating the weeds.

Final words on How to get rid of weeds

None of these methods will work by itself, but some regular control and vigilance of undesirable plants and properly taking care for desirable plants will minimize the growth of weed without any need for chemical control. For more information on How to get rid of weeds, keep visiting regularly.

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